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Warm Audio TB-12 Microphone Pre-Amplifier

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Imagine having 8 different classic pre-amps in one, and it's all analogue!

The TB12 Tone Beast is a fully professional preamp design with loads of gain that can effortlessly capture an array of sources very well. It is a swiss army knife full of options and tones. With top notch CineMag transformers and multiple discrete signal paths, it's hard to beat the Tone Beast's big, bold, fully-professional sound at this price.

When designing the TB12 Tone Beast their goal was to make a microphone preamplifier affordable and jam packed full of options, without compromising the quality and design parameters that make this type of microphone preamplifier so desirable.

Here's a demo...

- 4.5/5 "Monstrous preamp at a scary good price" - Music Radar
- 9/10 "The Tone Beast is a very versatile preamp, offering a wide range of tonal options.  The vintage settings exhibit a warm colouration with plenty of presence that flatters many audio signals, while the cleaner tones give a more accurate account of your source material.  The saturation effect is very good, adding a crunchy, overdriven edge that is quite seductive." - MusicTech