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Vanguard V1 Multi-Capsule Pencil Condenser Kit

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V1 Multi-Capsule Pencil Condenser Kit.

The Vanguard V1 is a multi-capsule FET pencil condenser microphone. Lovingly crafted by experts, it is designed to be a versatile, reliable, professional tool for any recording engineer, studio, producer, or artist. With a “straight-wire” circuit design, premium cryogenically-treated FET componentry, an unparalleled selection of capsules, and a true heavy-duty shockmount, the V1 will be your new studio workhorse.

"The Vanguard V1 is a fantastic microphone. To my ears and tastes I liked both the Lolli mix and the Half-Cardioid recordings, but I would be quite happy with any of the results."
- Pro Tools Expert