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Tonebone JDX Direct-Drive - Amp Simulator & DI Box

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Classic amp tones in a compact pedal

The Direct-Drive is an amp simulator designed for your pedalboard, providing a realistic amp tone that can be connected directly to the PA system. Three amplifier voicing options are provided: the first is the popular JDX tone which simulates the sound of an SM57 microphone on a 4x12 cabinet. The second setting is similar in character to a British tube head amplifier, while the remaining tone is modeled after a clean twin combo amp. With three classic voicings available, the Direct-Drive provides a natural amp tone through the PA system and consistency from night to night.


"We recently checked out the Radial JDX Direct Drive in preproduction rehearsals. The Direct Drive blew everyone away. When running the DI out from the Direct Drive, we got 100% repeatability of the signal from the Direct Drive. I used the thru out into a combo amp to generate feedback, but we didn't even mic it up as we were all so happy with the sound from the Direct Drive. It’s now permanently on my pedalboard. Thank you Radial.", Stuart McCredie - Producer/engineer/musician - Kelly Clarkson, The Fratellis, Simple Minds, Echo & The Bunnymen, Belle & Sebastian

"The Direct-Drive is a fantastic tool for fly dates, studio sessions, and impromptu gigs where you can't grab your rig. It's also a Saviour Machine, because if my amp ever goes down for whatever reason, I'm going to be thankful the Direct-Drive can be plugged right in to save the show.", Guitar Player