Tascam TM-AR1 - Acoustic Control Filter

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Acoustic treatment to help take the room out of your recordings.

When using a microphone to record, the sound source generates two types of sound. One is called direct sound which enters the microphone directly from the source, and the other is called reflected sound which the sound it has been bouncing off the walls, ceiling, and windows back into the microphone. The sophisticated acoustic design reduces reflections which makes the recordings sound closer to a professional recording studio.


Reflected Sounds are absorbed by both the metal panel and the sound-absorbing material.

The TM-AR1 is made up of five panels. All of these panels have the same structure, with multiple oval mounting holes and sound absorbing material formed with acute angles. The sound-absorbing material used is at the same standard as found in professional recording studios and rooms where acoustics need to be controlled. The soft foam has a special molded shape that reduces further propagation of outside sounds once they have reached the panels. Sounds coming from outside are either reflected by the panel or absorbed by the sound-absorbing material.

Can be installed on microphone stands in two ways (microphone stands not included).

Can be used on one microphone stand, using the included support bar and slide bar. Using two microphone stands, one for the TM-AR1 and the other for your microphone, is recommended for better stability and flexibility.


Mounting screw thread diameter 5/8-inch
Weight 3kg
Dimensions 400(W)×320(H)×260(D) mm
Accessory Support bar (2 types), Slide bar, 5/8-inch to 3/8-inch conversion adapter