TASCAM TM-250U - USB Broadcasting Microphone With Headphones Output


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USB Broadcasting Microphone With Headphones Output

The TM-250U is the USB condenser microphone for personal broadcasting and online communication. Because it captures crisp, accurate sound at an ultra-affordable price, and also includes a headphones output for monitoring, it is the ideal solution for podcasting, conferencing, computer recording and internet broadcasting.

Lightweight and Small – for Perfect Audio Quality With Direct-to-Computer Connectivity:
The TM-250U was designed to deliver flawless, detailed audio straight to your computer via USB. Simply select it for audio input and output in your operating system, connect your headphones, and off you go. Record voice-over or music directly to your audio software, use it for online conferences and meetings, create podcasts, stream live with pristine vocal quality, or any other situation where crisp clear audio is needed.

Adaptability To All Common Operating Systems:
The TASCAM TM-250U works via industry-standard USB-C connectors on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android* and Chrome OS* platforms, with driverless functionality returning stream-optimized audio at 16-bit/48kHz.

* Operation of this unit was confirmed using standard devices, however this does not guarantee operation with all devices with Android and Chrome OS.

Built-in Controls For Gain, Mute and Headphones Volume:
The TM-250U computer broadcast microphone provides all the control for the microphone and monitoring on the unit itself. Microphone gain control and headphones output with volume control are easily accessible. A Mic-Mute button gives additional flexibility for in-the-moment control of audio.

Everything Included to Broadcast or Record Right Away:
Included are essential microphone accessories: a mic holder, USB C-A cable (2 m), and desktop tripod – allowing you to set up on your desktop immediately.

Features at a glance
USB condenser microphone with headphones output for direct monitoring
Ideal for video conferencing, podcasting or recording of acoustic instruments, vocals or speech with a computer
Simple connection with a Windows, macOS, iOS, Android* or Chrome OS* device using the included USB cable
* Dependent on hardware/processor. Operation with all devices is not guaranteed.
No driver is necessary (USB Audio Class 1.0)
Audio processing at 16 bit and up to 48 kHz sampling rate
High SPL (sound pressure level) capability and smooth frequency curve
Supercardioid directional pattern is ideal to capture single sound sources and is less sensitive to ambient noise
Headphones output (3-contact mini stereo jack) enables direct monitoring of the audio returned from the computer
Headphones volume control
Microphone volume (gain) control
Mute button
Sturdy metal body
Included accessories: USB cable (Type C – Type A, 2 m), mic holder (screw diameter 5/8 inch), tabletop mic stand
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 10 (October 2020, Version 20H2) Windows 10 (May 2020 Update 2004) Windows 10 (November 2019 Update 1909) Windows 8.1 Windows 7
macOS Big Sur (11.0) macOS Catalina (10.15) macOS Mojave (10.14) macOS High Sierra (10.13)

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