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Studio Projects VTB-1 - Variable Tube Blend Mic Preamp

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VTB-1 - Variable Tube Blend Mic Preamp.

The Studio Projects VTB-1 is the ultimate in low cost mic preamplifier technology. Incorporating true class A/B switching, the VTB-1 is a totally discrete circuit. Unique to the VTB-1 is the "Tube Drive". The Tube Drive is a variable drive to a 12AX7, that allows the user to blend as little, or as much of the Tube Drive they want. This VTB-1 allows the user the most flexibility of any mic preamplifier in it's price class.

The VTB-1 allows you to go from a pristine solid state sound, to any combination of Tube Drive you choose...even hard distortion for guitars and bass! The VTB-1 is must have device as the perfect mic preamplifier for any microphone!

"The VTB1 is priced to appeal to the desktop recording musician and is capable of respectable results with both capacitor and dynamic microphones. The Blend control lends it some extra tonal flexibility."
- Sound On Sound