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SPL Kultube - Stereo Compressor with Tube Saturation Stage

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So powerful with so many options

Choose between the hard and soft-knee characteristic and insert external devices via a side-chain input for external control. With the unique Progressive Time Control for attack and release, time constants can be optimised by unique circuitry that reacts both to the input signal and to the user settings - for example, fast impulses are intercepted by an attack time as fast as 20 us.

The adjustable tube saturation of the output stages combined with automatic output level adjustment can produce tube sound effects that range from the delicate to the raucous whilst a useful decompressor mode can reanimate overcompressed material (such as samples).

From subtle unobtrusive compression to very obvious ‘effect‘ compressions - it‘s all possible.


"I'd say it would appeal not only to mastering engineers, but also to those serious project studio owners who don't use commercial mastering facilities and who'd like to get their masters 99 percent of the way there at the mixing stage.", Sound On Sound