Royer Labs dBooster - In-Line Signal Booster

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Two gain settings

12 dB and 20 dB, allowing you to dial in just the right amount of in-line gain for your different singers and instruments. The 20 dB setting gives loads of clean boost for recording soft instruments and singers, but when your singer is wailing or you use the dBooster on high volume instruments like electric guitar, switch it down to 12 dB to keep from overloading your preamp or digital interface.

Class A input stage delivers crystal clean gain with virtually no noise or self-distortion.

Low-impedance output keeps things clean in the studio and also shines on live stages, driving long cable lengths and difficult loads like mic splitters and vintage-style preamps with no loss of gain, no increased distortion, and excellent headroom.

The dBooster gives excellent results with Royer R-121s, R-10s and stereo SF-12s. It also smokes on SM7s and other dynamic mics!

"Royer’s backroom boys have really gone to town with the design of the dBooster which is extraordinarily sophisticated and elaborate. In fact, it wouldn’t be too extreme to suggest the dBooster is virtually a full-fat low-gain mic preamp in its own right…", Sound On Sound

“The dBooster has a remarkable amount of clean gain. It totally makes my old standby SM7 come to life and allows me to boldly use my old ribbon mics on quieter sources. Every studio needs these.", Jacquire King (Producer/Engineer — Kings Of Leon, James Bay, Tom Waits)

"I’m in love with the new dBoosters by Royer! I predominately record classical music so noise is a real issue. I like to use 2 SF-12’s, one on piano and one for capturing room. However, due to the high gain needed for the Sf-12, I’ve always had to use a low pass filter or employ noise reduction software to clean up the high end hiss. No more!! The dBoosters with 20db of gain allow me to run my preamps much lower, as if I’m using high-output condenser mics, thus cleaning up all the high end hiss. The dBoosters also provide true ground isolation which is essential when working in mid-town Manhattan with all the RFI flying around. If you want to unleash the full potential of your SF-12 and experience all that glorious ribbon sound, the dBoosters are a must have.", Jeremy Gerard (Multi-GRAMMY Nominated Engineer, Opera singers recorded include Elizabeth Futral, Lauren Flanigan, Amy Burton, Mary Dunleavy, Brian Mulligan)

"Having never used an in-line signal booster before, I had little expectations other than more gain when I plugged the dBooster in-line on a few of the instruments in our orchestra. However, in addition to the gain (turning my API 212 180 degrees back!) I was amazed at the detail and overall smoothness added to the signal path. I A/B’d between 2 flutes using identical signal paths - one with the dBooster and one without. Without the dBooster the flute sounded pinched and flat. With the dBooster in-line, the flute was open and smooth. Royer did their homework on this box! It’s a great match for any ribbon or dynamic mic we’ve tried it on. We started with 2 dBoosters and we just ordered 12 more!", Jason Graham (Broadcast Mixer, Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square)

"As a songwriter and producer I need to be ready for anything an artist wants to do at anytime whilst still maintaining sonic excellence. I usually cut vocals in my control room for ease of communication. Because of this, my go to microphone is the Shure 7M7b which is one of my favorite microphones, but the issue in the past has always been the fact that the microphone needs a stupid amount of gain! Before I had the dbBooster, I always had to have my mic pre set to stun just to get the right gain happening, but with that comes a hell of a lot of noise floor regardless of quality of mic pre amp. This is especially apparent once you start compressing the vocal and all that noise just gets out of control. Thanks to the dbBooster which I have permanently patched into my vocal chain I am able to track vocals at half the gain level which gives me an incredibly clean recording without interfering with the sound of my beloved 1073 preamp. I will not track vocals or use any dynamic or ribbon microphone again without having the dbBooster in my chain", Christian ‘Leggy’ Langdon (Banks, Meg Myers, Amos Lee, Joseph)

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