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Radial Workhorse - 8-Slot Power Rack

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Workhorse 500 Series Rack

The Radial Workhorse is a modular 500-series rack that combines an extensive patching system with an analog summing mixer to create an incredibly flexible studio environment.

Compatible with all API 500 series modules, the Workhorse provides more power and easier connectivity than a typical rack. Not only is it equipped with a variety of I/O options, but signal to be routed from one module to the next without cables to easily create channel strips. Compatible EQ and compressor modules can also be stereo linked with the flick of a switch. A special Omniport jack delivers module-specific functionality that can range from an extra output, key input, or effects insert depending on the module. Finally, an external 1600 mA power supply provides enough current to ensure each module is powered correctly.


"The Radial Workhorse is one of the most versatile and well-equipped racks I've ever tried, and exudes the typical Radial Engineering detail and thoughtfulness... if you are thinking of embarking down the 500-series road, the Workhorse rack has to feature very highly on the list of contenders.", Sound On Sound

"The Radial Workhorse has become one of my essentials at Slack Key Studio. The range of functions far outweigh the competition and it is never in the way due to its compact size. The mixer section is among its greatest assets. Once again, Radial knocked the ball out of the park for me as they always have in the past!", Randy Kohrs (Producer, country artist)