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Radial ProDI - Passive Direct Box

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World class DI

The ProDI is a passive direct box designed for use on stage or in home recording studios, with the ability to handle high output instruments without distortion, and a transformer-isolated output to eliminate noise from ground loops.

The heart of the ProDI is a custom wound Radial transformer. It features an exceptionally high 140kΩ input impedance to reduce loading while enabling the ProDI to handle extreme signal levels at all frequencies without distortion. This is further improved upon with an internal MuMETAL® shield to protect against electromagnetic fields that can cause unshielded transformers to distort.


"The Alan Parsons Live Project band uses a large number of keyboards, acoustic guitars and computer interfaces all of which require quality passive DIs. Our lives changed when we started carrying our own Radial DIs on the road and have never had a single issue or breakdown. We use the ProDI, ProD2 and the JDI on bass. Our Radial Direct Boxes are rugged, reliable, and sound great - so much better than the competition - in fact there is no competition!", Alan Parsons (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Al Stewart, The Alan Parsons Project)