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Radial PowerPre - Microphone Preamplifier

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Quiet operation with added character

The PowerPre is a high performance microphone preamplifier designed for use with any 500 series modular rack, featuring 100% discrete components for optimal signal transfer and a Hammond output transformer for a smooth and warm tone.

The PowerPre is designed for clean low-noise operation, with an AccuState input stage what automatically optimizes signal-to-noise at all levels with up to 55dB of gain available. A Hammond broadcast transformer on the output provides vintage warmth and a classic smooth tone, and a Vox switch allows you to add extra character to the signal: The Breath setting adds high frequency air that can accentuate a vocal track or add harmonic content to an acoustic guitar, while the Punch setting adds body when recording electric guitar or it can be used to fatten up bass tracks.


"I would call the PowerPre full, solid and clean with a classic vintage sound. If you think of the sound of deep rich vintage radio announcers, you will be in the ballpark of the PowePre's sonic vibe. This is a stellar and unique sounding preamp.", Recording

"The PowerPre is a must hear. I used it for recording vocals, guitar amps and drums with great results. It is particularly good in high transient, high SPL situations where you can drive it hard for more transformer color.", Mix