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Radial JPC - Computer Direct Box

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Active Direct Box for Laptop Computers

The JPC is a stereo direct box that is easy to use with practically any consumer electronic device. It utilizes active buffers and transformer isolation to create a hybrid circuit that blocks ground loops and reduces system noise, along with AC blocking capacitors to prevent any audio system noise from bleeding back into the computer. The choice of ¼, RCA and 3.5mm input connectors make it easy to interface with all types of unbalanced audio sources such as computers, smartphones, and tablets, and the outputs are XLR balanced mic level to feed snake systems and PAs. Powering the JPC is accomplished via 48V phantom from a mixing console, allowing the JPC to be used in concert environments without requiring an external power supply.


"The JPC provides high quality audio output from almost any device with a high impedance unbalanced output, but protects expensive laptops, tablets and phones from any potential electronic dangers. Once again, Radial's genius for noticing a void in the product market and filling it with an exceptional tool becomes immediately apparent.", FOH

"The JPC is typical of ALL Radial gear, built like a tank, sonically flawless, streamlined in operation and absolutely indispensable. The JPC's isolation transformers provide a sleek solution to the 'noise' and 'hum' often inherent live systems. It's saved my ass in a lot of less than ideal combat audio situations, where set-up time is more than precious, it's practically nonexistent! It sounds great, is unobtrusive and is so reliable, you forget it's even there. I LOVE THIS BOX!!!", Russ Miller (Producer, Mixer FOH Sound Engineer - Johnny Marr, Alison Moyet, Lacuna Coil, Rodriguez Cancer Bats)