Primacoustic Hexus 36 - Paintable Cloud

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Finished in Absolute White, may be painted to suit décor

Hexus™ is 914mm x 914mm x 38mm. Made from high-density 96 kg/m³ glass wool for exceptionally even absorption, and each is completely encapsulated in micromesh with resin hardened edges. Cloud Paintables are factory finished in Absolute White latex on all sides and are ready for mounting. Unique to their design is a proprietary textured surface that enables one to lightly spray paint the panels on-site to match the décor without affecting acoustical performance.

Installation is easy. The included Helix™ cloud anchors and SlipNot™ suspension cables allow the cloud panel to be suspended horizontally from the ceiling. Cloud Paintables can also be wall mounted using Surface Impalers or installed as vertically hanging baffles using Corkscrew™ anchors (sold separately).