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NZ Acoustics Super Bass Trap (Pack of 2)

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Please do something about the bass in your room.

1200x400x150mm Black Polyester Corner Bass Trap. Free-standing with very classy looks. Ideally suited to small to medium sized rooms up to around 5.5 metres by 7.5 metres in size.

This Trap absorbs bass frequencies superbly right down to 50 Hz due to it's 150mm depth and innovative design with multiple gaps at the rear. However it still has a very compact footprint which makes it ideal for both studios and home theatres.

These traps reduce "boominess" & solve the two most common studio acoustic problems:
Nulls - places in the room with either no Bass or a significant drop in volume for all or specific Bass frequencies.
Modes - places in the room with bass peaks. These typically occur in the corners of a room and sometimes also in the centre of a room or even at the mixing/listening position.

​Includes glue & instructions.

"The Super Bass traps we purchased from NZ Acoustics for a number of our new project studios have done a superb job of cleaning up the lower mid frequencies we were having a problem with. They look good, are simple to install..."
Mark de Jong - Parachute Studios