NZ Acoustics Gobos 1800mm - Portable Acoustic Screen

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Bad acoustics is the biggest issue facing home studios owners.

These Gobos are made from two 1800mm(height) x 600mm(width) x 24mm(thickness) bonded Polyester fibre @ 200 Kgs per M3 density acoustic panels joined together with folding hinges. The panels have a very smooth classy "silk" finish on all sides that will suit every environment.
This simple design has the following advantages:
- Light weight
- Overall NRC rating of nearly 1.3
- Free-standing.
They can be quickly folded away when not in use and make superb bass traps in the corners or leaning against the rear wall of your studio.

Because of their light weight & semi-rigid design they can be placed on the floor when isolating an amp or recording a seated musician (e.g. a drummer) or on a table/desk when recording a standing musician or vocalist.