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NZ Acoustics 1200mm Acoustic Screens (Gobo)

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1200mm High Gobos - 1 set (2 panels total)

These Gobos are made from two 1200mm(height) x 600mm(width) x 24mm(thickness) Polyester semi-rigid acoustic panels joined together with folding hinges.

Flexibility - you can join the panels together to form 2, 3 or 4 panel screens if you purchase 2 sets. Because of their light weight & semi-rigid design they can be placed on the floor when isolating an amp or recording a seated musician (e.g. a drummer) or on a table/desk when recording a standing musician or vocalist.

The above Gobos are made from bonded Polyester fibre. No irritation, eco friendly, washable, fade resistant, fireproof and 100% NZ building regulation compliant.

Available in Black, White or Grey - Black will be sent unless you email me to choose White or Grey.