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Little Labs Red Eye 3D Phantom - Direct Box & Re-Amp Box

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For easy accurate re-amping

The Red Eye 3D phantom is the new improved major revision of the popular Little Labs Redeye direct box / re-amp box. More people are re-amping now than ever before, and we at Little Labs know re-amping! We made this new major Redeye revision because we wanted to make sure we continued to make the best sounding, most flexible, easiest to use, and reasonably priced re-amping and direct box product available.

The Redeye 3D sounds amazing and even if you never used it for re-amping it is an incredible value just as a direct box. The Redeye 3D phantom - the now even smarter flexible audio tool to aid you in all stages of your production.


"Within five minutes of connecting it, I had the Redeye 3D Phantom totally dialed in. While playing guitar with Pro Tools in record-ready input, it was very easy to compare the sound of the live signal against the Pro Tools signal. Right away I learned that 22 dB of gain on the mic preamp was the magic number to make the guitar amp react as if I was playing it with nothing else in the chain. The only difference I could hear was the from the AD/DA conversion, not the Redeye 3D, and the difference was so subtle that it was insignificant. You have successfully taken all the guesswork out of high-fidelity reamping. Hats off!", Michael James - Producer/Mixer (New Radicals, Hole, L7, Edwin McCain, Robben Ford, Far, A.J. Croce and many more....)

"Good DI boxes — with very few exceptions — feature high-quality audio transformers, and therefore end up costing more than you might think from looking at the small metal box in which they come. In fact, it's not at all rare for one to cost as much as the Redeye 3D Phantom. Judged on this basis, then, the price looks rather competitive, given the quality on offer and that you have both active and passive DI and re-amping all in the same box. There really is little else to say. It's easy to use and works well.", Sound On Sound