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Lewitt LCT 340 - Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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Your mic for sophisticated instrument recordings.

The LCT 340 features a precisely built and tailored small diaphragm capsule. It performs incredibly onstage or in the studio. Its excellent transient response and fine-tuned frequency response help to capture the natural musicality of your acoustic instruments in an accurate manner.

A beautifully clear and perfectly honest sound.

The real character of your acoustic instruments lies within the transients. By having an excellent transient response, the LCT 340 can reproduce the natural musicality of your instrument.

Included: Transport bag


"LCT 340 takes the quality up a notch. In cardioid mode the presence and detail are still there, but the treble sounds sweeter and more integrated. There’s less colouration in the midrange, and overall the tone is smoother and more full-bodied. ", MusicTech