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Lewitt DGT 450 - Professional USB Microphone

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Perfect for podcasts, gaming and home studio recording.

Whenever you need high-resolution audio, the DGT 450 is the ideal solution for professional USB recording. Featuring the same capsule used in our highly acclaimed studio line, the DGT 450 guarantees distortion-free and crystal-clear sound. A built-in headphone amp, direct monitoring functionality, low-cut filter, and pre-attenuation round off this comprehensive USB solution.

Professional recording demands proper monitoring functionality. Blend between zero-latency direct and playback monitoring. This is essential to avoid latency problems using your mobile device.

Pure condenser sound captures your voice in studio quality. Perfect for traditional vocal recording, voice over, podcast and streaming, you name it.

Included: Microphone mount, DGT USB cable, DGT lightning cable, Tripod


"I always have the DGT 450 in my bag no matter where I go, ’cause I never know when inspirations will hit me, so it’s always kept at the ready. When I’m outdoors, I just plug it into my iPhone. If I’m in a hotel room where I need to do voice overdubs, etc., I plug it into my laptop. The sound that the DGT 450 captures is amazing: what you hear is what you get on the recording.", Courtney Taylor (Grammy nominated recording engineer - Pharrell Williams, N.E.R.D, Robin Thicke, A$AP Rocky)