Home Studio Solo Bundle

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Are you serious about recording and releasing your music?

This bundle includes what you need to get the job done at a professional level, from the gear to the one on one at home training.

 -  Ultra-High Definition 2 Channel Audio Interface
 -  2 x Studio Microphones w/ cable & stand
 -  Microphone Pop filter
 -  Studio Headphones
 -  Premium Mixing Headphones
 -  Reference monitor speaker w/ cable
 -  2 x Acoustic Panels
 -  Industry standard recording software (DAW)
 -  Software Instruments for backing tracks ie Drums, Synths etc
 -  Delivery, Setup & Training at your place

Just add a computer!

You would pay over $2800 to purchase bundle components separately.

Sorry - This bundle is only available to Aucklanders for now.

The components in this bundle have been personally selected after extensive research and experience.

My requirements:

 -  Must fit into a specific budget for the bundle
 -  Must be versatile and durable to suit various home environments
 -  Must review well by people I trust, who have professional sound quality in mind regardless of marketing BS
 -  I have or would use this gear to record and release my own music
 -  Must include required accessories like mic stands, cables etc
 -  No hidden additional costs