Home Studio Basic Bundle (August 2020)

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Get the basics you need to start recording your music asap

Record and produce your music as you write!

This bundle includes all the basics to get you started.  The gear and one on one training to get you recording better faster.

 -  High quality audio interface
 -  Studio Microphone w/ cable & stand
 -  Microphone Pop filter
 -  Studio Headphones
 -  Recording & Mixing Software & Tools
 -  Delivery & 2 hours setup & training support

Just add a computer!

The components in this bundle have been personally selected after extensive research and experience.

My requirements:

 -  Must fit into a specific budget for the bundle
 -  Must be versatile and durable to suit various home environments
 -  Must review well by people I trust, who have professional sound quality in mind regardless of marketing BS
 -  I have or would use this gear to record and release my own music
 -  Must include required accessories like mic stands, cables etc
 -  No hidden additional costs