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Home Studio Band Bundle

Indigo Oak Studio

Regular price $5,340.00

Including GST. Free shipping in NZ.

Are you serious about recording and releasing your bands music?

This bundle includes what you need to get the job done at a professional level, from the gear to the one on one at home training.

 -  Ultra-High Definition 8 Channel Audio Interface
 -  9 x Studio Microphones
 -  8 x Microphone Cables & Stands
 -  Microphone Pop filter
 -  4 x Studio Headphones w/ mixer
 -  Premium Mixing Headphones
 -  Reference monitor speaker w/ cable
 -  4 x Acoustic Panels
 -  Industry standard recording software (DAW)
 -  Software Instruments for backing tracks ie Drums, Synths etc
 -  Delivery, Setup & Training at your place

Just add a computer!

You would pay over $5,340 to purchase bundle components separately.

Auckland only
The components in this bundle have been personally selected after extensive research and experience.

My requirements:

 -  Must fit into a specific budget for the bundle
 -  Must be versatile and durable to suit various home environments
 -  Must review well by people I trust, who have professional sound quality in mind regardless of marketing BS
 -  I have or would use this gear to record and release my own music
 -  Must include required accessories like mic stands, cables etc
 -  No hidden additional costs

Book a Gear Advice session

Choosing the best gear for your recording set-up and budget?
Choosing the correct item for your home recording set-up is easy for some and confusing for most. Even if you have been working with audio for years, things are constantly changing. The marketing guff and searching the net usually sends you down a rabbit hole of time-wasting.
The core of Indigo Oak Studio is to help people set up and record by taking the mystery and costs out of recording. Right now, that cost you will save is time and patience.

I can search the net!
Do you want to know why there is not a definitive answer to your question on the net? Because no one knows what is right for you. All your specific variables add up to a unique situation. The articles and reviews you are reading are usually specific to their situation, or they're generalising. Neither is going to help you.

I offer free advice
Check out my blog and look throughout my site for free advice focused on Kiwis recording at home.

Need more advice?
Are you just wanting to record some regular stuff in an ordinary place? News flash - there is no such scenario! You may as well walk into Resene and say, "Which is the best paint for my room?" Blank stares follow. Are you wanting to record a super tight double kick in an old shed, some opera vocals in a tiny bedroom, or a big band after hours in an office building?

Get personalised advice from an expert
I've been doing this for 20+ years, and I have been in more home studios than anyone else in New Zealand! I've experience helping people get the best for their unique situation. According to my long list of client reviews, I successfully provide the highest standard of service.  Save yourself time, stress, and the cost of getting the wrong thing.

Book a Gear Advice session

But you'll sell me the most expensive thing and hound me until I buy
Nope - I am a big fan of only getting what you need. I have recorded many demos using some very inexpensive gear (including things just lying around the house). So if you have a small budget, I will work hard to find the best solution to fit that budget. I am also a "soft seller". I might reach out once after our catch up to see if you have any more questions, but after that, I will leave you to make up your mind in your own time.

Do you offer personal help setting up and learning to use the gear (and the whole recording and mixing process if required)?
YES - I can be booked in to get you up and tracking. I can teach you as little or as much as you would like to know about home recording and mixing.

 Home Recording Support

Book a Home Recording Support session

Important note
I charge to give personalised advice - WTF?!? Yep. But why? Because I value my time, and a lot of people want my help. So I only personally people who value my time. "But if you give me the advice, I'll buy the product." I am a small independent business, so there is not much money to be made selling electronics on the internet. Also, note - Some people take my recommendations and then purchase from one of the big chain stores... Then ask me to help them set it up because the salesperson from the chain store doesn't seem very helpful...