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FMR Audio RNC1773 — Really Nice Compressor

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RNC1773 — Really Nice Compressor.

FMR Audio's first product, introduced over 18 years ago, the Really Nice Compressor (RNC) is a compact and cost-effective stereo compressor with a high-fidelity audio path and compression scheme. The RNC provides quality compression at a budget price.

The RNC provides two modes of operation. One allows the RNC to be used for special effects, like snappy snares or popping basses. The other provides near-invisible signal compression for sensitive material where compression artifacts are less desirable (like natural vocals, acoustic guitar or the program bus). The RNC yields clean, airy compression with few artifacts and little high-end loss, even at massive gain reduction! The amazing performance is why—even after almost 20 years—many professionals are calling the RNC one of the best sounding compressors for under $2000 USD.

"Basically this guy rocks. It's very fast and nearly undetectible when pulling down transients, but also able to offer smooth program compression. I bought three and I use them on overheads, room mics, guitars and vocals all the time."
- Tape Op