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Blue Yeti Pro - All-In-One Professional Recording System Including Software

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The World’s Most Versatile High-Resolution USB And XLR Microphone.

From the best-selling Yeti family comes Yeti Pro—the first microphone that captures 24-bit/192kHz digital recordings on your desktop, and connects to professional recording equipment in the studio. Featuring three custom condenser capsules and four different pattern settings, Yeti Pro delivers detailed audio that’s more than four times higher resolution than a CD—during any recording scenario. Whether you record at home, in a studio, or in the Himalayas, Yeti Pro is the most versatile microphone solution.


“If you need the versatility of a true dual-system microphone, it’s unsurpassed.”

—The Next Web

“…for your bedroom musicians and aspiring podcasters, the Yeti Pro is the full monty.”

—Gear Patrol

“For true-to-life recording, you won’t find a better USB microphone on the market.”

—The Next Web