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Black Lion Audio PBR-8 - 500 Series Rack

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With the goal of delivering functionality and performance never before available...

Enter the Patchbay Rack 8! Equipped with a fully balanced TT/Bantam patchbay, the PBR-8 has unlimited routing options for quickly dialing in sounds that don’t require modules to be loaded in any particular order. Easily try out a signal chain, re-route it, split it using one of the built-in “Mults”, send it to modules in another rack, route it back, then send it out, all from the front panel!

Providing a stable and reliable power supply has been long been one of the issues dogging the 500 Series format. To solve this issue, the PBR-8 features OST (On Slot Technology) developed in Europe by Heritage Audio. The hefty power supply provides 400mA per rail per slot maximum, with an overall of 1.6A (1.8A non continuous) per rail, whichever is reached first.


"The Black Lion Audio PBR-8 does exactly what it says on the tin, but that's so much more than almost any other 500 Series chassis available, and certainly any I've used.", Tape Op