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Black Lion Audio Bluey - Limiter / Compressor

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Based off of the golden unit owned by Chris Lord-Alge

Armed with an impeccable ear, decades of experience, and an abundance of coveted gear, legendary mix engineer, Chris Lord-Alge, was able to recognize one of his four 1176 Blue Stripe units as firmly sitting in this distinctive category. The particular unit, dubbed Bluey, has a special mojo to it that shines on vocal tracks like no other.

Chris desired more channels of this golden unit, and reached out to the guys who know modifications best – the team at Black Lion Audio! Head design engineer, Jesus Ortiz, found a series of mods done to the unit over the years to keep it working that miraculously cumulated in a uniquely beast-like 1176! In conjunction with Chris Lorde-Alge BLA have recreated the monster, now known as the new Black Lion Audio Bluey!

Also features a wet/dry mix dial!


"Black Lion Audio have created a solid, stylish-looking and great-sounding 1176-style compressor that allows us all to get a taste of Chris Lord-Alge's favourite vocal treatment. Chris Lord-Alge, aka CLA, must be one of the most recognisable figures in the world of music production. His confident, concise mixing style has graced countless hit records, seen him win multiple Grammys and earned the respect of his peers.", Sound On Sound

"I was very impressed with how the 'Bluey' performed throughout the review period, and the subtle mid-range 'bump' it imparts at, to my ears, around 2-3 kHz is what most sets it apart from my 1176LN. Also worth highlighting is that it can be transparent when used lightly but impart real character when you want it to. Add in the wet/dry mix control and you have a nice palette of compression options available from a single unit. I also found it a bit more 'forgiving' than my 1176LN as a tracking compressor, to the extent that I found having both options available in my rack to be very useful. Adding one of these to your outboard rack won't magically make you mix like CLA, of course, but If you've been looking to add an 1176-style compressor to your studio, this should be a very attractive option.", Sound On Sound