Beginner's Guide to Recording, Mixing & Releasing Music at Yours

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Learn the basics of music production!

Join me for 8 easy to follow and interactive one-on-one sessions remotely on your computer. You will get real hands on experience using real music and music software found in pro studios, which I will leave with you, so you will be able to muck around and practice between sessions.

Best for beginners or hobbyists who want to get a better understanding of the process, but even non-musicians may enjoy an insight into the how music goes ends up on Spotify etc!

 -  Remote sessions via the internet (I'll set it all up for you)
 -  Learn on your gear at your place at your own pace
Exclusive access to "Student Discount" style pricing on gear for 12 months

As a minimum you will need a computer, smart phone and internet connection.


People I have worked with say...

"I’m very happy with the content of the course. Aaron’s teaching is well organised and presented. Super nice guy! I will continue my studies with him! Highly recommended to all." - Joey P (Musican)

"Great in depth knowledge of the whole recording life cycle and has an excellent ability to explain difficult processes and concepts in simple terms. Got great advice on acoustic and sound reinforcement for the studio to aid the recording process as well. Highly recommend Aaron to anyone setting up a studio or looking to learn the art of recording and production." - Mark B (Musician)

"I am a very old geezer slash Luddite and have recently hired Aaron to help me with tech issues related to home recording...his quiet non judgemental teaching style and his extensive knowledge of recording etc has been a revelation.......getting creative in your later years is so important to mental wellbeing and Aarons the man to help you achieve your goals...." - Chrys B (Musician)

"Thank you, Aaron for your expert and professional advice. You have already helped a lot and I appreciated your calm but enthusiastic approach. Really felt like you were on my side and wanting to help. There’s so much info out there about home studios it’s hard to know how to get started. You cut through all that with great practical advice. Thank you. No doubt you’ll be hearing more from me as I progress. Highly recommended." - Simon J (Songwriter)

"The service from Aaron from Indigo Oak Studio was 5 out of 5. Finding Aaron was like finding an Angel who has helped make my lifetime dream of having my own recording studio at home a reality. Thank you so much Aaron for your huge generosity of spirit and your calm practical help in making my dream come true." - S Kills (Singer Songwriter)

“Aaron has a rare grasp of the technical aspect of recording. He was brilliant at maximising sound combinations available from my current gear, and also really easy to work with. It was great to be able to tap into his knowledge. 5/5” - Andy Kemp (Professional musician 10+ years)

"Aaron, thank you so very much for your support and generosity - Marty and I are truly grateful!" - Reuben (Radio13)

"Aaron’s goal based teaching works well for us. He is friendly and patient, we will definitely book another session. 5/5" - B & P Doyle (Father & musician daughter)

"They (Senior Leadership Team) find your classes an asset to the school and want to see it continue. The kids love being a part of the bigger picture to the school and are seeing the value in what you teach. This has been evident in the professional learning conversations I've had with them. They tell me about what they're learning with no prompt." - D Drew (Music Director, ANI School)

"I've been collaborating musically with Aaron for many years now and I have found him unrivaled in terms of dedication and passion towards any project. In songwriting and production he has a fantastic ear for dynamics and structure, and as an engineer has absolute tenacity and patience to always get the best possible results from anyone he works with. 5 big gold stars out of 5 from me for a guy who has that essential mix of skill without ego." - Simon Williams (Professional musician 20+ years)

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Gear advice

Are you looking for the right gear for your recording set-up and budget?

Choosing the correct item for your home recording set-up is easy for some and confusing for most. Even if you have been working with audio for years, things are constantly changing. The marketing guff and searching the net usually sends you down a rabbit hole of time-wasting.
The core of Indigo Oak Studio is to help people set up and record by taking the mystery and costs out of recording. Right now, that cost you will save is time, patience and disappointment.

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"Great service from Aaron-already Aaron has helped me make some important early decisions for going forward. It's clear he has an ability to keep things in understandable terms for noobs like me, and I have no doubt he can scale up the advice for all levels. Cheers Aaron and look forward to our next sesh. Pete"
Pete A (Musician)

Get personalised advice from an expert

I've been doing this for 20+ years, and I have been in more home studios than anyone else in New Zealand! I've experience helping people get the best for their unique situation. According to my long list of client reviews, I successfully provide the highest standard of service.  Save yourself time, stress, and the cost of getting the wrong thing.

Plus if you're buying a few things, I'll work out the best bundle price for you.

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"Over the last 20 years I've worked with a number of different recording studios and engineers, and by far and away Aaron is easily the best of the bunch!
What sets him apart is his absolute dedication to any client or project. He has a knack of asking the right questions and finding out exactly what is most important to you and tailoring his service to this.
Amazing patience, knowledge and expertise - and is quick to learn and understand anything 'outside the box' you may be looking for....
For absolute professionalism I believe there is no better than Indigo Oak Studio - I'd add more stars to this rating if I possibly could!"

S Williams (Professional Musician playing the Wellington scene for 20+ years)

Do you offer personal help setting up and learning to use the gear (and the whole recording and mixing process if required)?

YES - I can be booked in to get you up and tracking. I can teach you as little or as much as you would like to know about home recording and mixing.
Click here to find out more about the Home Recording Support I offer.

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"I got to ask all the questions I needed to ask regarding the basics of recording audio into my DAW. Everything was explained clearly and with good examples. Great value for my money"
Alejandro C (Musician)

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