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Avantone MP1 Mixphones Multi-mode Reference Headphones with Vari-Voice

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A headphone version of the world famous MixCube.

The MixPhones Mp1 Triple Play Personal Monitor with Vari-Voice is the first ever multiple use headphone, suitable for use in the live sound, DJ, studio recording, mixing playback and listening applications. The unique design allows the user to move between normal neutrally voiced stereo field, monaural (mono), and a specially contoured "mix" mode that focuses the midrange frequencies to simulate the sound of our Mixcubes and allow better articulation of critical mix frequencies.

"Avantone are to be commended for introducing some fresh thinking to the world of studio headphones, and if you can live with their rather polarising visual design, the MP1s are definitely worth a try, especially if you need to mix as well as track on headphones."
- Sound On Sound