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The Art of Control

Desktop Monitor Controller
Building on over 20 years of expertise in analogue console heritage, Nero has been designed to give you powerful control over your monitoring. Featuring a comprehensive range of I/O, console-style monitor control, Precision Matched Attenuation Technology and more. Nero will quickly become the core of your studio.

How does it sound?
Well, it doesn’t really sound like anything. Nero gives you the cleanest monitoring path possible.

Precision Matched - Stereo Volume
What does it do?
Nero perfectly matches the volume of your stereo signal's left and right channels using Audient’s custom Precision Matched Attenuation Technology.

How does it help?
Unlike other monitor controllers, this prevents any deviation in volume between your left and right monitors or unbalancing of your stereo image, enabling you to monitor accurately and mix with confidence.

As your studio grows, it becomes harder to control. Nero enables you to centralise, connect and control all your monitoring needs from your desktop using Nero’s array of stereo inputs.
2 x Stereo Inputs - Plug in your interface
Dedicated Cue Mix - Better monitoring for your artists
Mini Jack Input - Plug in your phone
RCA Inputs - Plug in media player

Reference your mixes on up to three sets of speakers, independently set and match volume for all speakers and audition and assign your sub to any monitor path. Nero also provides one dedicated monitor grade headphone amp and three foldback grade headphone amps, making sure you’re ready to take on the loudest of sessions with crystal clear headphone mixes.
Main Stereo Outputs - Plug in your favourite speakers
2 x Alt Stereo Outputs - Plug in alternative speakers for referencing
Subwoofer Output - Assign your sub to any output
4 x Headphone Outputs - Communicate with your artists

+18dBu Max Input Level (Balanced)
192kHz Digital Sample Rates
113dB Dynamic Range (DAC)
20Hz to 22kHz Speaker Output Frequency Response
0.0015% Speaker Output THD+ N
0.0009% Headphone Output THD+N

Assignable Sub
Easily assign a sub to activate when switching to a monitor path of choice but maintain the ability to switch it on and off without losing your saved preset. Nero also lets you audition the sub on any alternative set of speakers without forcing you to assign it permanently.

Smart Touchpoints
Smart Touchpoints enable you to customise your workflow on the fly. Easily route and configure Nero’s outputs and monitor controls to create monitoring combinations that suit you. Simply hold down a Smart Touchpoint to put it into setup mode, select your routing options and press it again to save.
- Assign the Talkback Mic to any or all headphone outputs and quickly communicate with your artists.
- Assign your Subwoofer to any or all of your 3 stereo outputs with the ability to still switch on/off and audition without losing your saved routing.
- Take control of your headphone mixes. Assign any input source to your headphone outputs using the SRC buttons.
- Save time by easily setting any of your outputs permanently to Mono. Perfect for your Mono reference speakers.
- Save all your settings permanently by holding down any two-speaker output buttons.

Console Style Monitor Control
Utilising Audient’s vast experience in implementing monitor control in both recording consoles and desktop controllers, Nero features David Dearden designed circuitry as well as a range of advanced monitor controls.

User-Defined Dim
Customise and set the attenuation of the dim function using the volume knob.

Tactile Speaker Set
Audition your mixes by quickly switching multiple sets of speakers.

Sum and Difference
Use this classic trick to quickly hear your stereo information and check the sides of your mix.

Latching Buttons
Activate Dim, Mono or Talkback with either a tap (latch) or a tap and hold.

Cue Mix Monitoring
Reference what your artist is hearing, make adjustments and fix problems fast.

Smart Mono Mode
Permanently assign a mono speaker without preventing mono functionality on other sources.

3 Input Sources - (Internal, Dynamic, Condenser)
Communicate with your artist quickly using Nero’s dedicated talkback mic or any microphone of your choice.

Dedicated Gain Control
Quickly adjust the talkback mic with more than enough volume to make your artists feel comfortable when recording.

Assignable Headphone Selection
Route your talkback mic to any or specific headphone mixes, and always be in control of your session.

3 Year Limited Warranty
All of our products come with a three-year limited warranty guaranteeing you further protection and peace of mind when you choose Audient.

Built to last
With its all-metal construction and Obsidian Black finish, Nero has been designed to look and feel great in any studio.


"Awesome - A well-built monitor controller that’s just like the monitor section of a mixing console.", MusicTech

"There are buttons to select summed-mono and left-channel polarity-reverse options — the combination of both providing the 'stereo difference' signal that I value very highly but which so many monitor controllers sadly omit.", Sound On Sound

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