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Aston Microphones Spirit made in the UK

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The Aston Spirit is a high-performance switchable pattern microphone utilising a 1” gold evaporated capsule. A switch on the mic body selects from Omni, Cardioid or Figure-of-Eight polar patterns. It is versatile enough to use with most instruments and excels on acoustic guitar and vocals. Its Aston 33 panel selected capsule is teamed with high-end transformer balanced circuitry using only the best components.

The Spirit is designed to deliver a beautifully open sound with sparkling harmonics. This highly accurate microphone gives a stunningly natural and transparent recording, capturing all the detail in the high range but without adding the harshness that some condenser microphones seem to.

“We had a vintage AKG C12, a vintage valve Neumann 47 and 87 and the Spirit. We recorded takes of all of them and everyone unanimously decided on the Aston. Job done.”
John Cornfield (Robert Plant, Oasis, Muse)

“… it’s the build quality that most impressed me… it’s a pleasure and surprise to see from something that almost re-defines ‘cost-effective’.”
Audio Media International

“I use my Origin and Spirits happily alongside classic microphones such as the Neumann 49b, U87 or AKG C414s and often choose the Astons.”
Chris Porter, Producer (David Bowie, Wham!, Thin Lizzy)

“The Spirit stands up well against more costly US‑made boutique mics…”
Sound on Sound

“How did Aston get a mic up inside my head? ‘Cos that’s what using the Spirit sounds like.”
Irwin Sparkes (The Hoosiers)

“I’ve yet to come across a voice that the Spirit hasn’t made sound great.”
Troy Antunes (Anastacia, Justin Timberlake)

“The Spirit blows other vocal mics out of the water”
Charles Macdonald (The Shires)

“The Spirit should look just as good in 20 years as it looks today.”
Sound on Sound

“The vintage U47 started to pop and fizzle so I switched to a Spirit. The clients seemed unaware of the change... the Spirit had more presence than the U47 and it certainly kept the warmth. ”
Dave Pemberton (Kasabian, The Prodigy, Orbital, Groove Armada)

“The Spirit is outstanding... a tour de force!”
KR Home-Studio

“The Spirit sounds clean, solid, and smooth with just a hint of flattery. Built and tested in the UK using high-quality parts, the construction looks designed to last and the price is undeniably attractive.”
Sound on Sound