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Aston Microphones Origin made in the UK

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This is the secret weapon of your studio.

The Aston Origin is a multiple award winning high-performance cardioid condenser microphone utilising a one inch (1″) gold evaporated capsule. It's versatile enough to use with any instrument and, for singer-songwriters, excels on acoustic guitar and vocals. Its hand-selected capsule is paired with high-end transformerless circuitry using only the finest components.

The Origin is designed to deliver direct, smooth and intimate sound… for a supremely natural and transparent recording.

Check out the history of this ground breaking mic.

- “I use the Origin for everything, the simple reason being that it always sounds good!” Jamie "Pop" Morrison, Drummer (Stereophonics, Noisettes)
- “smooth yet well focused…depth, warmth and detail in equal measure.” Paul White (SOS)
- “The Origin is insanely smooth… it’s incredible how polished my work sounds just using that thing.” Jayce Lewis (Fear Factory, Bryan May, Gary Numan)
- “The vocalists and musicians I was working with would almost always prefer the Origin to the Neumann and Telefunken mics I would normally reach for!” Alexander Archer (Kasabian, Jake Bugg, Declan McKenna)
- “I would argue very strongly that in terms of the sound, Origin stands up very well to a U87 or 47, it really does.” Steve Levine, Producer (Culture Club, The Clash, The Beach Boys)
- “unmistakable quality that feels like you can hear into the recorded track.” Audio Technology
- “I use my Origin and Spirits happily alongside classic microphones such as the Neumann 49b, U87 or AKG C414s and often choose the Astons.” Chris Porter, Producer (David Bowie, Wham!, Thin Lizzy)