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Antelope Audio Zen Tour - Portable Pro Studio Audio Interface

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Portable – covering the needs of the whole band.

Current technologies have made sound recording as easy as grabbing a pen and pouring your feelings on paper. So producing your own music has become the contemporary equivalent of writing poetry.

Unlike the solitude that writing requires, music creation is usually a shared experience. And a creative jam with friends will require at least eight channels, packed in a portable interface that could easily fit in a backpack. A simple two or four-channel audio interface is no longer enough.

Zen Tour offers an array of FPGA FX: tape machine, preamps, eqs & compressors PLUS legendary guitar amps and cab and also a slew of cutting edge microphone emulations to be used by owners of the Antelope Audio Edge and/or Verge modeling mics.

4 mic pres & 4 line/hi-z ins with phantom power, 8 analog outs, 2 headphone and 2 reamp outs, and more

"All in all, this is a stellar box that sets a high bar for connectivity, routing, features, and overall sound. I think the Zen Tour could be the real breakout star of the Antelope line; it covers or exceeds the needs of most modern portable and project studios, with pro-level sonic quaility." - Recording Magazine

"It stands up very well against the other interfaces in my studio but its incredible flexibility is the real winner... If you want a high-quality
interface for studio, rehearsals and gigs you have to look at this. And their online support is excellent. 9.5/10"
- Future Music