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A-Designs Pacifica - Stereo Microphone Preamplifier/D.I.

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Big Iron Sound of the 70s - Unbelievable Bandwidth

The recording console in a high-end 1970s studio was likely a Neve, an API, or a Quad Eight. These companies set the standards for audio quality – with a unique sound firmly imprinted on the popular recordings of the era.

Designed, built, and extensively “ear-tested,” by long-time recording industry veterans, the A Designs Pacifica takes its sonic signature and name from the revered Quad Eight mixing console. However, the A-Designs Pacifica has a sound and character all its own. Praised by top professionals for having the depth of a Neve, the midrange of an API and the high-end of a Massenburg, the Pacifica has firmly established itself as the go-to preamp for an impressive list of Grammy-winning and platinum-selling engineers and producers.


"I like the Pacifica a lot. Within a very wide area of recording needs, it adds a complementary enhancement that is not easy to describe but so often sounds 'just right.' You don't need to buy into any Californian nostalgia trip to recognise the quality of this preamp, or to understand its appeal.", Sound On Sound

"This is a high‑quality preamp that offers a sound somewhere between the transparent and the characterful, and is arguably more versatile than many of its competitors.", Sound On Sound