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A-Designs ATTY - Stereo Attenuator

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Pristine Sound - Affordable and Easy to Use

The ATTY (rhymes with Patty) is a no-compromise totally transparent passive two-channel line-level attenuator. ATTY’s attractive price point and tiny footprint (4-1/2” x 1-1/2” x 3”) makes it a highly versatile and convenient solution for many applications. Suitable for use in any world-class recording facility, it can also serve as a cost-effective solution to more than a few problems faced by project studio owners, and is an invaluable addition to just about any live or remote broadcast rig.

Housed in a rugged metal enclosure, it has two Neutrik XLR/balanced 1/4” combo jacks and two balanced XLR outputs that deliver noise-free operation. A single convenient knob controls both output channels, and a Mute button lets you easily silence your source without having to change a dialed-in level.


"My favorite uses are for digital tracking situations where I want to run an analog output hot, but have the signal hit a digital converter lightly for best headroom--so the ATTY is a natural to have inline between a mic preamp that I want to hit hard, but still have my signal into a digital converter peaking at no more than about -9dBfs. I especially appreciate the stereo nature of the ATTY between fast-transient stereo signals such as drum overhead mic pres and digital inputs. I also like to patch the ATTY inline between my analog console's 2mix out and digital converter ins when printing mixes into ProTools--I can cream the console's 2mix to my heart's extent but still get sober levels into ProTools by attenuating the post-2mix signal into the digital converters.", AudioFanzine(User Review)