After years of hard and rewarding work running this business on my lonesome, I have decided to take a decent break to recharge and refocus.

Indigo Oak Studio

Idle hands... I will be working on other projects, spending a lot of time with my growing family, and becoming a Tik Tok sensation... Indigo Oak Studio may be a different beast when I return, or it may be the same, or it might not exist at all... This business came to me as an idea when on my last break, so let's wait and see what happens after this break.

@taylornation us #whentaylorswift ♬ right where you left me - kenzie

Don't worry - you still have your full NZ warranty on any purchases. Contact the brand directly via their website in the first instance to request support - They are really good these days and might be able to resolve the issue for you nice and quickly, if not they can arrange your repair through the NZ distributor/service agent.

Out of Office

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