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To get better-sounding mixes faster, you need to treat and tune your room

I help musicians who struggle to achieve mixes they are proud of and want to be confident sharing them with others

"I called Aaron in to give me some advice on a new home studio I am setting up. His input was integral to making the right choice with room treatments, gear, layout and more. I highly recommend using his services and also buying gear from him (great recommendations and prices). I will definitely be using his services again!"
5/5 - L Cayer

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Home Studio Acoustic Treatment

A customised solution to give you the best results for your budget.

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Are you wondering why songs you have mixed to perfection do not sound even close to perfect out of your home studio?

In the car, they sound muddy and unclear or too bright and weak. Vocals are sometimes faded, or the bass is just wrong. Without any more information, I know your issue is what you hear at your listening position.

You are currently not hearing correctly.

Even if you have excellent speakers, it is your room that is letting you down. You have acoustic issues, and they are messing up the sound before it even hits your ears. Bad acoustics is the most common issue with home studios and is hands down the most significant difference between a home studio and a pro studio.

Pro studios are built from the ground up, treated and tuned for music production. The room you have put your studio gear in was not.

People find room acoustics too confusing and expensive to focus on when setting up their home studio.

What do you need? Egg cartons and carpet on the walls? Maybe some cheap foam stuff available on Alibaba or TradeMe will do the trick?
No - This myth came from people grabbing ideas out of context and making them "fact". They usually do more harm than good. They can suck the life out of your room and make things even less defined!

Room Acoustics is a complicated subject, and the internet does not help demystify it - But don't worry, I've been doing this for years. I have set up home studios across New Zealand over the last 20+ years; I have read the textbooks and know how to run the tests and get things sounding better for you.

I have a range of treatment options, from the beautiful & best from Autex and Primacoustic to less pretty lower-cost options. 

Book a consultation, and I will evaluate your home studio and recommend options to suit your budget.

Acoustic nirvana is impossible - Even the best studios do not sound perfect due to all the variables and individuals taste but doing nothing will get you nowhere.

Considering my 20+ years of experience in setting up home studios across NZ, I will help you take a big step in the right direction using an effective yet practical and uncomplicated approach. If you want and can afford to rebuild your rooms - go elsewhere; if you wish to get better results from the space you have - call me!

Note - I can help with Home Theatre and Gaming rooms too!  (I used to be the Audio & Gaming Category Manager for Noel Leeming)

I help people get what they need to record their original music to a high quality at home




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I will assess your room and listening position on a video call (if you tick the "add video" option when booking)

We discuss potential treatment options and the current placement of gear

You set your budget

I will provide a customised solution to give you the best results for your budget


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Take from my 20+ years of experience in setting up and running
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Choose from a tailored range of Acoustic Treatment products for home studio.

Check out Acoustics for the Walls or Ceiling.

There are also the items needed for fixing them to surfaces.

For acoustic treatment products which do not need to be attached to a surface, check out Close.

You can also look through all the options, but if you find yourself a bit overwhelmed,
please book me in to create a custom solution for your room, and your budget.

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