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One on One Home Recording Support

Home Recording Support for Musicians, Podcasters, Voice Artists, Gamers & more

Need help setting up, getting started, or achieving better results?

Get one on one help at your place from someone who has 20+ years of experience doing this home recording thing & has a client list that includes humble first-timers & some of NZ’s most well-known artists

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Are you struggling with recording at home?

I will help you with your home set up or recording issues wherever you are and save you time and money by solving your problems and getting you back on tracking.

My service is for anybody - Technophobes are welcome! My client list includes famous people & recluses, young & old, audio engineers & complete beginners, classically trained musicians & first-time podcasters.

Using remote desktop and video chat tools, I can help you at your place with your gear.
Don't worry. I'll set up the call and connection for you!

If you're in my home town of Auckland, NZ and prefer I come to your home for a session in person, this option is available also - just tick the box when making a booking.


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I help artists who have watched videos or read articles & books about recording and now want a hand joining the dots

If you are not comfortably recording your art to a quality you are proud of on your own, then you need my help.