Home Music Production Lessons

Home Music Production Lessons

"Aaron’s goal based teaching works well for us. He is friendly and patient, we will definitely book another session."
5/5 - B & P Doyle

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Are you ready to produce your own music at home?

Like getting guitar, drum or piano lessons, I will personally take you through the basics and help you train your ear to hear when things are right or wrong, and develop your skills and confidence to get better results faster. Learn to produce your music with pro studio techniques adapted to work at your place.

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I’m very happy with the content of the course. Aaron’s teaching is well organised and presented. Super nice guy! I will continue my studies with him! Highly recommended to all. - Joey P (Musician)

Learn the production skills using professionally recorded tracks

I will provide you with a top-quality, professionally recorded song. Getting your hands dirty on someone else song helps you learn skills without the bias or anxiety of working on your tracks. Before recording and mixing your next track, you will learn how the tools work and train your ear to hear where you want things to be. You will have a newfound confidence and a better understanding of the production process, leaving you to focus on creativity and performance.

Combine my lessons with your goals, passion, and practice to get better, more professional recordings without the high costs of big studios or racking up a massive student loan.

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"Very focused and planned teaching sessions..as per the need and capabilities of the student..with a very sincere urge to help and provide stepwise guidance to achieve student's goals!.. Very satisfactory! 4.8 out of 5!?..No human being is perfect!"
P Joshee (Retiree working on his first album)
Home Music Production Lessons

Who is this course for?

Musicians who have written and/or can comfortably perform their own songs, but are not confident or have no idea how to record them at home.

Also musicians who have a general idea, but are missing the foundations will get a lot out of this course.

Don't be shy - I have enjoyed working through this course with people from many walks of life, at many levels of understanding & confidence, and in almost every age group.

Most of my clients are learning some of these topics for the first time or are wanting to fill in the gaps of what they have picked up over the years, so they can produce better quality tracks.  Some of my clients take this course because they are fascinated by the art of recording, but don't actually want to record at all - In that case we can move through the course at pace.

Podcasters, Voice Artists, Streamers etc are welcome! The course will be adapted to suit your audio recording goals

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"Everytime I have delt with Aaron he has been punctual, professional and friendly with a wealth of knowledge. I would definitely recomend Indigo Oak Studios for help getting your recordings on track."
Damen N (Musician)

What will I gain from this course?

  • Confidence to record and produce your music at home
  • The foundations of the topics listed below
  • The basic skills needed to navigate your recording software
  • How to hear issues and know how to fix them
  • How to get the best results within your limits

Not only will you learn to produce your music, but you will also be better able to communicate with artists and producers when collaborating.
You are welcome to jump to the fun stuff if you are confident or work together on one of your projects. However, this will significantly reduce the effectiveness of this course. You may still miss some vital foundation skills.

For the best results - work through the course from start to finish using the materials I provide.

What will we cover?

  • Introduction
  • Mixing a real song
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • FX
  • Microphones
  • Pre-Amps
  • Gain Staging
  • Mic Placement
  • Room Acoustics
  • Recording
  • Remixing
  • Mixing position
  • Mastering
  • Producing files for digital distribution
  • Digital distribution to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube etc

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"Aaron has been very helpful to a slow learner like me and I need more tuition at the present 10 out of 10"
Stan T (Musician with 65+ years under his belt!)

Learn to capture every moment that matters to you

Just like taking a photo at the moment is better than trying to recreate the moment at a later date. Whether it be a podcast or a poem, or a song you have written, record it when it's fresh and has all the raw emotion and intent behind it. Not only will you be taken back to that time when you listen in the future, but the recording will resonate better with others too. I have recorded many songs over the last 20+ years, and when they start playing in the car or on my headphones, I'm immediately back in that moment.

Here are some home recording examples of my clients or me:

Survive by CUTTS from Auckland

Life by Matt Williams from South Auckland

Fireworld by oSKa from Wellington

You don't even know me (cover) by Isla from Tauranga

One and the Same by Groove Manoover from Northland

Melting Ice by Moreporks at Midnight from North Shore Auckland

Ohh Baby by oSKa from Wellington

Blue Horizon by The Vyles from North Shore Auckland

Your Brother is my Best Friend from CUTTS from Auckland

aSexuality by oSKa from Wellington

Take a Chance by Groove Manoover from Northland

Everyday by Simon Williams from Wellington

Something Else by oSKa from Wellington

These artists are not rich megastars with the best gear and recording contracts. The hiring of a professional studios and top of the line equipment were NOT required for these recordings. They are regular kiwis who record music in typical houses with what was available at the time.

Imagine being able to record your creations at home.
Whenever you want.
For free!

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"They (Senior Leadership Team) find your classes an asset to the school and want to see it continue. The kids love being a part of the bigger picture to the school and are seeing the value in what you teach. This has been evident in the professional learning conversations I've had with them. They tell me about what they're learning with no prompt."
D Drew (Music Director, ANI School)

What's the frequency, Aaron?

You can book lessons to work in with your schedule.

Weekly or fortnightly is best.  Gaps of 3-4 weeks between lessons will reduce the effectiveness of the course.
We will work through the above curriculum at a pace that best suits your preference and learning style.

A commitment of at least one session per 3 months is required.

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"I am new to home recording and have tried to learn how to use my DAW using YouTube, with little success. I never quite got what I was after. I saw Aaron's ad had my first session with him yesterday. I wish I had found him sooner! It would have saved me many hours of frustration and hair-pulling (I'm bald now btw). Aaron immediately found the reasons why I was having issues and solved them within a few minutes. I learnt more in 2 hours with him than I had in the last 3 months on YouTube - money well spent indeed. The lessons are all tailored specifically to the gear you have and I am looking forward to diving into this and learning more. Highly recommended, 10 out of 10."
Mick H (Musician)

Do I have to do my practice?

If you want to learn... Yep - This is like learning a musical instrument. If you are not practising between lessons, you will not improve your ear (which is hands down the most important skill I will be helping you improve). With practice between lessons, the use of the tools and techniques will become second nature, allowing you to do otherwise complex tasks without a second thought.

If you are not comfortably producing your music to a quality you are proud of...

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"Thank you, Aaron for your expert and professional advice. You have already helped a lot and I appreciated your calm but enthusiastic approach. Really felt like you were on my side and wanting to help. There’s so much info out there about home studios it’s hard to know how to get started. You cut through all that with great practical advice. Thank you. No doubt you’ll be hearing more from me as I progress. Highly recommended."
Simon J (Songwriter)

What equipment do I need?

I run each lesson on your computer at your place via the internet (I will set this all up for you).  Initially you will need:

  • Computer
  • Headphones
  • Smartphone
  • Fast & stable internet connection

I am a fan of making the most out of what you have - as we progress through the course we might identify items you may need for upcoming lessons ie a microphone, speakers or headphones.  We can discuss this closer to the time and I can recommend the best option for your budget and needs.

Book now using the appointment scheduler below

First Lesson includes some extra time to get you all set up and for us to get to know each other a bit.  After that, simply book each Next Lesson as and when it suits your schedule.  Pre-book as many sessions as you like.  You have options to reschedule if required, 36 hours or more before the session start time.  Cancellations or refunds will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.

“Aaron has a rare grasp of the technical aspect of recording. He was brilliant at maximising sound combinations available from my current gear, and also really easy to work with. It was great to be able to tap into his knowledge. 5/5”
Andy Kemp (Professional musician 10+ years)
"I've been collaborating musically with Aaron for many years now and I have found him unrivaled in terms of dedication and passion towards any project. In songwriting and production he has a fantastic ear for dynamics and structure, and as an engineer has absolute tenacity and patience to always get the best possible results from anyone he works with. 5 big gold stars out of 5 from me for a guy who has that essential mix of skill without ego."
Simon Williams (Professional musician 20+ years)
"Great service from Aaron-already Aaron has helped me make some important early decisions for going forward. It's clear he has an ability to keep things in understandable terms for noobs like me, and I have no doubt he can scale up the advice for all levels. Cheers Aaron and look forward to our next sesh. Pete"
Pete A (Musician)

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"I got to ask all the questions I needed to ask regarding the basics of recording audio into my DAW. Everything was explained clearly and with good examples. Great value for my money"
Alejandro C (Musician)

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