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Welcome to Indigo Oak Studio

Taking mystery & costs out of recording YOUR music.

"I am a Kiwi musician who wants to help other Kiwi musicians record and share their music to a high quality."







"I ordered some speaker isolation pads at around midday. To my surprise they were shipped the same day, and were in my hands in Wellington two days later. Good product, pricing and service." - Jonathon A (Musician)

"I had a Zoom session with Aaron due to Covid restrictions to help set up a home studio. Aaron was excellent to deal with, quickly identifying issues which were holding me back. We followed up with a session at my home. Aaron brought new Tannoy speakers with him and a Sono Audient. He was able to set these up in one appointment which included training with Logic Pro. His instructions are patient, articulate and incredibly helpful. I will undoubtedly use Indigo Oak Studio again as I am bound to run into roadblocks down the track. I recommend Aaron highly to any newbies like myself who want to start recording their music for whatever reason." - John B (Musician)

"I am a very old geezer slash Luddite and have recently hired Aaron to help me with tech issues related to home recording...his quiet non judgemental teaching style and his extensive knowledge of recording etc has been a revelation.......getting creative in your later years is so important to mental wellbeing and Aarons the man to help you achieve your goals...." - Chrys B (Musician)

"I called Aaron in to give me some advice on a new home studio I am setting up. His input was integral to making the right choice with room treatments, gear, layout and more. I highly recommend using his services and also buying gear from him (great recommendations and prices). I will definitely be using his services again!" - Lien C (Music Producer)

"I’m very happy with the content of the course. Aaron’s teaching is well organised and presented. Super nice guy! I will continue my studies with him! Highly recommended to all." - Joey P (Musican)

"After a lot of research, I ended up buying a home studio package from Aaron, and I am super happy with the result. Not only is it quality equipment at a reasonable price, but you also get 2 hours of setup and training time with Aaron himself. This is huge if you are a novice like me. Aaron was able to get me up and running on my laptop, in my own home, making quality vocal recordings to backing tracks in a way that I could easily understand. I wouldn't have done it any other way. Great service." - Ben W (Singer)

"Super happy with Aaron's In Home Recording Service. We spent 3 sessions with him putting down a range of tracks together and had a great experience. Aaron is very knowledgeable, organised and has an excellent ear. We also really appreciated his artistic input, top quality gear and the relaxed atmosphere." - Bronwyn H (Musician)

"I have dealt with Indigo Oak Studio on 2 projects recently, purchasing equipment for mobile studio build and another studio build in Tauranga. They have been super helpful, knowledgeable, and put together great deals for the type of equipment I needed and the amount.  Highly recommended. Helpful, knowledgeable, and able to source the gear I wanted at an extremely good pricepoint." - Pieter T (Musician)

"Well curated selection of mics and gear from entry to pro level. Fantastic service and advice, an absolute pleasure to order from!" - Martin P (Musician)

"Thank you, Aaron for your expert and professional advice. You have already helped a lot and I appreciated your calm but enthusiastic approach. Really felt like you were on my side and wanting to help. There’s so much info out there about home studios it’s hard to know how to get started. You cut through all that with great practical advice. Thank you. No doubt you’ll be hearing more from me as I progress. Highly recommended." - Simon J (Songwriter)

"Absolutely amazing customer service, fast, professional and an all round nice guy! I bought some monitor stands from Aaron and they are amazing! I will be purchasing more quality audio gear off him in the future! Highly recommend Aaron to anyone who wants to advance in their music production with quality gear! Thanks Aaron, much appreciated" - Izaak K (Musician)

“I have had great service from Aaron twice now. Good pricing and excellent personal attention to my requirements. From an inquiry to a sold out product, followed by Aaron making a few calls to his suppliers, to a prompt delivery to my door in a couple of short days. I absolutely recommend Indigo Oak Studio and will be using his services again as required. 5/5  Side note: The Tannoy 802 monitors sound stunning... now I just need to be gentle with them for a few weeks to run them in. Shine on” - Paul M (Music Festival Manager)

"The service from Aaron from Indigo Oak Studio was 5 out of 5. Finding Aaron was like finding an Angel who has helped make my lifetime dream of having my own recording studio at home a reality. Thank you so much Aaron for your huge generosity of spirit and your calm practical help in making my dream come true." - S Kills (Singer Songwriter)

“Aaron has a rare grasp of the technical aspect of recording. He was brilliant at maximising sound combinations available from my current gear, and also really easy to work with. It was great to be able to tap into his knowledge. 5/5” - Andy Kemp (Professional musician 10+ years)

"Aaron, thank you so very much for your support and generosity - Marty and I are truly grateful!" - Reuben (Radio13)

"I've been collaborating musically with Aaron for many years now and I have found him unrivaled in terms of dedication and passion towards any project. In songwriting and production he has a fantastic ear for dynamics and structure, and as an engineer has absolute tenacity and patience to always get the best possible results from anyone he works with. 5 big gold stars out of 5 from me for a guy who has that essential mix of skill without ego." - Simon Williams (Professional musician 20+ years)

"Aaron’s goal based teaching works well for us. He is friendly and patient, we will definitely book another session. 5/5" - B & P Doyle (Father & musician daughter)

"They (Senior Leadership Team) find your classes an asset to the school and want to see it continue. The kids love being a part of the bigger picture to the school and are seeing the value in what you teach. This has been evident in the professional learning conversations I've had with them. They tell me about what they're learning with no prompt." - D Drew (Music Director, ANI School)

"Very focused and planned teaching per the need and capabilities of the student..with a very sincere urge to help and provide stepwise guidance to achieve student's goals!.. Very satisfactory! 4.8 out of 5!?..No human being is perfect!" - P Joshee (Retiree working on his first album)

"Aaron at Indigo Oak Studio has been my saviour in lockdown 2. I cannot speak highly enough of Aaron’s audio knowledge and expertise and how easy it is to understand what he is teaching and how it easy it is to deal with him. The entire process was simple and stress free starting with prompt contact to my initial email, easy booking and payment process via his website and then a prompt and thorough remote consultation to get me all up and running for my music recording from home. Thank you Aaron. I’ll be a client for life!!!" - Michelle B (Musician)

"Great service. Aaron is knowledgeable, good communicator and helped me sort some persisting problems with my DAW.. Highly recommended" - Tyrone L R (Musician)

"Great service from Aaron-already Aaron has helped me make some important early decisions for going forward. It's clear he has an ability to keep things in understandable terms for noobs like me, and I have no doubt he can scale up the advice for all levels. Cheers Aaron and look forward to our next sesh. Pete" - Pete A (Musician)

"fantastic Audio brain .. nutted out my OTR DESK !! worth evry penny" - Steve R (Live sound engineer with 20+ years experience and recording enthusist)

"Aaron has been very helpful to a slow learner like me and I need more tuition at the present 10 out of 10" - Stan T (Musician with 65+ years under his belt!)

"Aaron is awesome. Currently looking for an excuse to support Indigo Oak again. Great after sales service too. 5/5" - Steven I (Musician)

"I am new to home recording and have tried to learn how to use my DAW using YouTube, with little success. I never quite got what I was after. I saw Aaron's ad had my first session with him yesterday. I wish I had found him sooner! It would have saved me many hours of frustration and hair-pulling (I'm bald now btw). Aaron immediately found the reasons why I was having issues and solved them within a few minutes. I learnt more in 2 hours with him than I had in the last 3 months on YouTube - money well spent indeed. The lessons are all tailored specifically to the gear you have and I am looking forward to diving into this and learning more. Highly recommended, 10 out of 10." - Mick H (Musician)

"Excellent service and knowledge.. worth every $ as you get years of experience" - James A (Musician and International Radio Presenter)

"Aaron has 3 times been to my place and helped me set up various bits of my studio. He is very helpful and is able to work well with WHAT YOU HAVE. I would fully recommend him to anyone wanting to do it yourself. He can help you set up your mics, make recommendations on what to by, teach you to use programmes and help install stuff if you need to. So you can be good to go in a matter of a couple of hours." - Christian N (Muscian and Film Director)

"Very fast delivery (next day!) and product feel very good quality. Many thanks Aaron!" - Bill T (Muscian)

"Great in depth knowledge of the whole recording life cycle and has an excellent ability to explain difficult processes and concepts in simple terms. Got great advice on acoustic and sound reinforcement for the studio to aid the recording process as well. Highly recommend Aaron to anyone setting up a studio or looking to learn the art of recording and production." - Mark B (Musician)

"Everytime I have delt with Aaron he has been punctual, professional and friendly with a wealth of knowledge. I would definitely recomend Indigo Oak Studios for help getting your recordings on track." - Damen N (Musician)

"I got to ask all the questions I needed to ask regarding the basics of recording audio into my DAW. Everything was explained clearly and with good examples. Great value for my money" - Alejandro C (Musician)

"Amazing service extremely knowledgeable and thorough does a excellent job highly recommend 10/10" - Riordan M (Game Streamer)

"Great to work with.I recommend Indigo with pleasure!☺️" - John D (Musician of 50+ years and local music community leader)

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My life in the fantastic world of audio

  Over the last 20+ years, I have been in and out of studios, recording musicians, writing music, playing live in covers and originals bands (and managing them).

  I've had a lot of fun and broken a lot of strings. Played heaps of gigs, written heaps of songs, got NZ on Air funding, Radio and TV play all that stuff that makes you famous...

  From an early age, I have loved to create and replicate music and sound. I am all about audio capture, sound reproduction and studying music.

  I started off recording my music in my family house's kitchen/dining room back in the 90's. I didn't have much money, so I used whatever gear I could find around the place. To record, I used the built-in mic of a Philips ghetto blaster. I would run the line outs from the back of it into my father's PC sound card, then hit record on Windows Sound Recorder. To record the next part, I would record the music so far onto a VHS tape and play it back through the family TV/VCR and record myself playing against that! A year later, I had a couple of mics, a better sound card and one of the first Digital Audio Workstations called SAW32. I had multi-track editing and plugins! I quickly became obsessed with creating and playing music, recording myself, my friends, local bands, live gigs, audio processing, and experimenting with any gear I could get my hands on. I studied composition and audio engineering; then, I worked in product development of consumer audio in my "day job" career. I have taught audio engineering classes professionally, and I have spent time in top studios in my part of the world.

Recording bands wherever the music is happening!

ANI Class
Teaching audio engineering classes at Auckland Normal Intermediate
for year 7 & 8 students

In Tauranga, running a live stream to radio for Kiwi music royalty
Grant Hislop's The Station

  I have always been a fan of vibe over shine, the performers comfort and vision for their piece is the top priority. Put effort into the capture without hindering the performance. The captured performances are then carefully brought together to create a final, well-balanced representation of the given piece of music.

  My view is - Music is amazing and constantly evolving, so why not capture your ideas immediately? Don't worry if it is not perfect or if your subsequent work will be better. Record what you are creating now!

  I love music and have decided to help people capture, refine and share their music with their family, friends, SoundCloud, Spotify, radio stations, record labels or anyone who will listen!

  Home recording gear is so good these days; with the proper techniques, we can easily capture a recording of our creations, of which we can be proud. There is still a difference between a bedroom recording and the latest multi-million dollar production from the current pop/rock super artist. The majority of the difference is in the skill of the audio engineer. But a recent bedroom recording with existing gear and the right skills can easily sit comfortably in a playlist with your favourite commercial releases from, say, five years ago and earlier. Why spend thousands on a couple of days in a top studio when you could spend a couple of hundred or less to record as much as you want at home? When the multi-million dollar recording contracts come, that is the time for the cost and pressure of a multi-million dollar studio!

  I am focused on helping people get more out of the gear they have, the unfinished recordings they are holding on to, or adding the missing piece to their setup to help them get recording and preserving their musical ideas forever.

  My enjoyment of other people's music has seen me grow a massive music collection of 3915 albums, which is constantly growing. I have been to more concerts than I can count - Highlights include KISS in Vegas as a guess of a private party run by Harmon (AKG, dbx, Lexicon, DigiTech etc) and Opeth at the Sydney Opera House. I also have a bookshelf overflowing with live DVDs and Blurays. I am one of those people who has to have music on ALL THE TIME! Headphones in the supermarket, UE Boom in the shower...

  My day career peaked at the top of the corporate ladder as New Zealand's "overlord" ;-) of consumer audio products. I was the youngest and most successful Audio Product Manager of all retailers. I was the guy who controlled a multimillion-dollar budget, deciding which brands and models of stereos, speakers, headphones etc., from around the world would appear in stores throughout New Zealand. As a result, I was honoured to work with the best sound reproduction technology globally - including the $80,000 headphones - Sennheiser Orpheus!

  Highlights included spending time in Japan advising Sony's engineers on tuning one of their flagship speakers. In China, I managed the creation and tuning of the first Wharfedale Bluetooth speaker. At the Asia Pacific head office of Philips, I successfully passed a challenge reserved for their world-famous "Platinum Ears" during a presentation for their prestigious audio Fidelio range.

Radio Station
Invited to advise on the live recording of bands at an Auckland radio station run by RNZ legend Marty Duda

A speaker I developed with Wharfedale sitting in IAG’s Shenzhen complex, with the owner's collection of riches

Having fun on stage at Battle of the Bands regional final where we just knocked out Ladyhawke & Brooke Fraser

  I have gained unmatched experience and understanding of the entire music and audio process, from the writing to performance to capture to processing to render to replication on the massive variety of consumer playback systems to the insatiable hunt for music I have not yet heard. It is a fascinating process, and I am one of the grateful few in the world who has working experience behind the scenes at every stage.

  Now I am dedicated to helping Kiwi musicians get the service, gear and training they need to record, preserve and share their music independently, without the considerable studio costs.

  Music is my life. Hearing all kinds of new music is my thing. I want to listen to your music and help you share it.


Money Back Guarantee

If you do not feel you have learned or benefited from a session with Indigo Oak Studio, please let us know within seven days, and we will give you a refund for your last session. Please ensure you understand that some issues may take more than one session to resolve, so if it's a work in progress, we would recommend discussing your concerns before our next session.

After a session refund, Indigo Oak Studio will accept no future session bookings.

The Money-Back Guarantee is available on the following services:

60 minutes at Yours

Remote Support


Gear Advice

Suppose you are not sure as to what you need, then please book a gear advice session. We can discuss. I will assess your needs and budget and a recommendation. Please check out the reviews above for peace of mind!

Plus, you will get $50 off your future purchase of any recommended gear sold by Indigo Oak Studio. Why do we charge for our Gear Advice? Because we put a lot of time and effort into understanding your needs and making the best recommendation, we appreciate and value your time and ours.


Please check out a few of my home recordings.

These examples were recorded and mixed in a bedroom, basement and warehouse and other non-traditional recording spaces. Not in multi-million dollar studios, but rather in the place the musicians found most inspiring, comfortable, and affordable.