Recording Services

Music Production Sessions at Indigo Oak Studio

I work with musicians who view their works as art and want to have a say in what is best for their music

"I've been collaborating musically with Aaron for many years now and I have found him unrivaled in terms of dedication and passion towards any project. In songwriting and production he has a fantastic ear for dynamics and structure, and as an engineer has absolute tenacity and patience to always get the best possible results from anyone he works with.
5 big gold stars out of 5 from me for a guy who has that essential mix of skill without ego."
5/5 - Simon Williams

To Singer Songwriter, Solo Musician or Duo,

If you would like to capture and craft your music in a relaxed environment, free of ego and pomp and to work with someone who will respect your vision regardless of how talented, experienced or in-the-know you are then I would like to work with you. If your priority is capturing your vibe and crafting a sound, rather than being put through a big studio’s conveyor belt & cookie cutter combo leaving you sounding like someone else, then please get in touch.

If you have been chipping away at your music for years between the chaos of everyday life, and now you would like to get it recorded so you can enjoy it yourself and perhaps share with others, or if you would like a recording to help build a profile and help with finding others to collaborate with, I will work with you to create something you can be proud of.

Whether on the one hand you would like to record a to-the-point song and get to the finish line asap, or on the other hand you would like to enjoy the journey and develop some ideas while recording and arranging, I will facilitate you as best I can.

If you need the equipment, space and guidance to record, mix and even release your music, I can help you. Just bring along your musical ideas and instrument(s), and I will record them.

I have a massive collection of the world's best virtual instruments (drums, choirs, orchestras etc) at our disposal. Excellent gear and acoustically treated rooms for recording and producing in.

I have facilities to record live drums. I can host a maximum of 2 musicians at a time, so practice playing through the song with 1 drummer and 1 other musician only. Playing against a click track (metronome) will typically give the best results in this scenario.

When recording and mixing I prefer to leave your vibe in a song, I prefer using autotune and timing correction only to save a good take rather than using it on everything. My diverse taste in music ranges from Classical to Pop to Blues to Jazz to Rock to Metal(soft to extreme), and prog - I love proggy music.

You are welcome to come track your song in a single morning, or we can arrange regular sessions to chip away at your project. I can even work with you remotely to develop the production of your music after the key elements have been recorded. We can discuss this option in person.

Contact me on
021 749 489

Rates per project (Song, EP, Album):
  $399 (Incl GST) for the first 4 hours
  $69 (Incl GST) per additional hour on same day or up to 180 days later
This includes me, my recording & mixing gear, my space and my experience.

Final edits, mix, master, and creation of files:
  $169 (Incl GST) per song - Basic / Demo quality
  $429 (Incl GST) per song - Premium quality

9am to 4pm most days
Bookings to be made 2 weeks in advance

Fine Print - Please read

Unsigned/independent musicians only.  Any musicianship level or style is welcome, if you like what you're playing I'm happy to record it.  Maximum of 2 people plus me at any one time.  1 off street park, Air Conditioning, Native Reserve across the road and Service Station, Dairy & F&Cs less than 2mins walk away.  No smoking, alcohol, drugs, pets or children.  Payment for each recording session is required 2 weeks before the session begins.  Final tracks/mixes/masters will be ready available 0-3 weeks after we have finished recording. Final recordings will be delivered after any outstanding payments have been received.  Any disrespectful treatment of my home studio or myself will result in instant ejection and termination of the session with no refund given and any recordings in progress being deleted.

I work with musicians who write original music including Rock, Indie, Prog, Blues, Kids, Folk, County, Te Pūoro Māori, Acoustic Pop, and METAL

“Aaron has a rare grasp of the technical aspect of recording. He was brilliant at maximising sound combinations available from my current gear, and also really easy to work with. It was great to be able to tap into his knowledge. 5/5” - Andy Kemp (Professional musician 10+ years)


Solid State Logic - SSL Allen & Heath Shure
Sony Audix Focusrite
Universal Audio - UA Sennheiser Genelec
Avantone Native Instruments Audio-Technica
Rode Charter Oak Neutrik
Wharfedale Art Warm Audio
Slate Digital Telefunken Summit Audio
Marantz Bowers & Wilkins - B&W Pioneer
Primacoustic sE Serato
Drawmer GoldenAge Project FXpansion
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