2 Hours at Yours

Lessons in DIY, home and project
music production

I help musicians who currently write and play music on acoustic instruments,
but struggle with recording and mixing by themselves

"Aaron’s goal based teaching works well for us. He is friendly and patient, we will definitely book another session."
5/5 - B & P Doyle

How can
I help?

I'll spend an hour at yours helping you get back on track(ing)

Fast track your learning as we focus on one skill at a time

Just like getting guitar, drums or piano lessons
, I will sit with you and show you how to produce your music with pro studio techniques, adapted to work at your place.

Simply combine my lessons with your passion and practice to get better, more professional recordings in a matter of weeks not years!  Without the cost of big studios or mainstream learning institutions.

I help musicians who would like a hand choosing or setting up their recording gear, so they can get on with making music


I come to you ASAP and help you with your music production issues

We will spend up to an hour together, after which you will get better results faster than you are now

I will help you get past whatever is slowing your music capturing process

Save time and money getting support from someone who wants you to succeed using gear you may already own

$100 For 60 Mins at Yours

or 4x interest free payments of $25*

Hire me

I help musicians who may have watched or read videos, articles, and books about recording
and now want a hand joining the dots


For musicians who want to record their own music

4 hours of one on one learning at your place, over 3 weeks

Lots of practical hands on experience

Best for beginners or musicians or hobbyists who want to go to the next level
or people who just want to learn how music is recorded! 

Choose any one of following subjects:
Introduction to Audio Engineering

Mixing a real song



Reverb, Delay & FX

Microphones, Pre-Amps & Gain Staging

Mic Placement & Room Acoustics

Mastering & producing files for digital distribution

Note - I recommend you have a strong understanding of the above subjects in the order
shown to help you learn the total process of music production faster.

As a minimum you will need a computer, a DAW and basic recording gear - if you need help gathering these things or want an assessment of where you are before we start, please book me in for a pre-consultation at yours for $100.

$299 per subject
or 4x interest free payments of $74.75* 

Book your lessons

My goal is to help you get better at doing this recording, mixing, music production thing for yourself!

If you are not comfortably recording your music to a quality you are proud of, on your own, then you need my help

All service prices include GST, are payable in advance, and are available to individuals and bands living in Auckland only.

* PartPay terms, conditions & credit criteria apply.  Visit PartPay for more information.