Welcome to Indigo Oak Studio

Posted by Aaron Groombridge on

My goal is to help independant New Zealand musicians record, mix and share Kiwi music on the cheap

I would like to expand your understanding and confidence in recording and mixing music.  This site is dedicated to helping musicians like myself, capture their ideas to share with fans, friends, family, record labels, or yourself.  I believe there is a magic in all music, which too often just disappears when a band breaks up or an idea is forgotten.  We take many photos of ourselves and our experiences with others, why not capture your musical creations too?  I am going to cover many aspects of performance, recording, producing, and mixing music over many videos and training sessions as well as providing level headed recommendations for what gear might suit your situation.

Perhaps the most important thing you can learn about recording and mixing, and most other things in life, is this…  The way you do something will always suit you more than the way someone tells you to do it.  Be a sponge, gather up ideas from me, and books, and other places, and then use your greater knowledge to do it your way.

Audio Engineering is as easy as you need it to be to get the job done...  Let me help you get up and running or back on track recording and mixing music.

I will be posting new tips, tricks, ideas and the occasional deal here and through the Indigo Oak Studio newsletter.  Check back from time to time, or subscribe below.

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