Video courses seem like a great idea, but they don’t work for many people

Posted by Aaron Groombridge on

Video Courses Don't Work for Everyone

Have you ever watched a video about recording and learnt nothing?

You are not alone - I and many others have experienced the same disappointment. But honestly, it makes sense that video lessons are often useless.

Teaching is a form of communication. It's a conversation. Like any conversation, it needs to be between two or more people. It changes and adapts as each person contributes, responds, and, most importantly, asks questions.
Have you ever had one of those "conversations" where someone talks and talks and talks, and you cannot get a word in edgewise? I have. When this happens, I usually get bored or annoyed. I stop hearing what they are saying and either start saying "uh-ha", "oh yeah", and "hmm". I start thinking about something else or looking around the room for somewhere better to be.
Even if it's something I started talking about and am very interested in. When the conversation becomes one-sided, it is basically like watching a video.

I've watched many videos and attended lectures. Still, although they are sometimes fascinating, and I might pick up on a trick or two, I don't come away with the confidence and understanding some others do. I need to be hands-on, doing it, discovering things as I go. Having someone to chat with and ask questions along the way is the best learning style for me. Working on a project I care about is better than being lectured to on a video where they are using amazingly recorded tracks. Speaking at my level of understanding and slowing down when needed helps reveal chunks of knowledge I am missing. Also, I never found a video where they are using the same software and gear as me.

Schools, universities and tutors still exist, even now, with "educational" videos being freely available all over the internet. Not many people learn something by watching a video. That's all there is to it.

These videos offer hope - Hope that we'll sit down and make sense of them one day, and then we will become skilled and successful. Well, where are your skills and success?

I have been working with clients one on one for years, working on their recordings while using their gear. We have conversations, and I support them at their level.

Many clients have told me they learn more in a single session with me than they have in months of watching videos online. Why? Because they can talk to me, we can focus on the bits they don't know, and I can check their understanding. You can't do that with a video!

Imagine all the recordings you'd make if you stop watching videos and start recording your ideas with a coach like me.

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