Two HDDs are better than one

Posted by Aaron Groombridge on

2 HDDs are better than one
If you are recording music on your computer, it is essential to have more than one hard drive. Why? Because, although hard drives are made to be read from and written too quickly, they can only go so fast.

If your operating system is busy working out some stuff for you in the background, and your recording software is busy loading some music or samples to play, and you are asking it to record you as well... This can be a bit much for one drive to handle.

I would recommend always having your operating system on one hard drive and your music on another. This extra music hard drive could be an internal or an external drive; either is fine.

Suppose you would like to go to the extremes like me. In that case, I have one drive for my operating system, one for my plugins, one for my recording, one for my samples/virtual instruments, and one for my mixdowns. But you do not need to go that nuts! I do this because I have had many hard drives die over the years, so I am spreading the load, spreading the risk. As a result of this configuration, I benefit from a super-fast, low latency system.

Let me know if any of this is going over your head or if you would like a hand setting up your second or third hard drive as described.
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