Samson Q8 Microphone review & demonstration

Posted by Aaron Groombridge on

Great mic at a great price

Here is a video unboxing, review and demo of the Samson Q8 Professional Dynamic Vocal Microphone.

The Samson Q8 Professional Dynamic Vocal Microphone is great for recording loud sources in average to poor sounding environments.

The Q8 is a dynamic microphone.  It can handle the loud sounds from a guitar amp, drums or a singer.

This mic is directional, so will focus on the sound in front of it.  It has excellent rejection of sounds from behind it, so it will be better suited to a noisy environment than a microphone which is omni directional like most ribbon or condenser microphones.

I have included raw audio recordings of voice, drum, amp and guitar to help with your evaluation.  These recordings were made in a very simple "throw the mic up and go" way.  No EQ, Dynamic Compression or FX of any kind has been added to the demo section of this video.  Rather than putting the mic in a perfect room, with perfect gear and a perfect player, I chose to show the mic in a more general user light.

This microphone performs perfectly well for recording in a project studio or home studio environment.  I have definitely seen it on stage and in music rooms and studios around New Zealand.  It is priced very well, so will leave you with some spare cash to focus on other requirements to get recording great sounding recordings.  Like new guitar strings... rather than on a model number or brand name.