Recording in a warehouse

Posted by Aaron Groombridge on

Recording wherever the music is

Sometimes the best location for playing isn’t always the “best” location for recording… Or is it?

This band used to write and practice in the bass players office in Parnell.   For whatever reason this was not going to be an option for recording, so we went with a warehouse out west one Friday night until 1am.

A traditional recording engineer might have thrown in the towel straight away at the thought of all those out of control reflections and general noise from the shelving, roofing…  But I don’t really see it that way..  I see a band, in a space that works for them, wanting to capture their music in a way that would represent their style and sound, regardless of the technical side of things…  That’s the recording engineer's problem!

If the artist is all practiced up and their gear is in the right condition for the style/sound, then it is the challenge of a recording and audio engineer like myself to make it work.  Why should the artist have to leave their preferred surroundings and go to a recording engineer's preferred surroundings?  I think this is the lazy big recording studio, colour by numbers, attitude.   

If you are wanting to record an artist, then make sure you put the artist first.  Their job is to perform at their best, your job is to have the mic up and the red light on.

I love the challenge of making situations like this work - If you would like to tag me in on your next project - Hit me up!