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On location at Radio 13

Posted by Aaron Groombridge on

On location at Radio 13 with Marty Duda, Reuben Raj and Jed Parsons

Although these days the bulk of my time is spent either writing and recording music in my studio or helping others do the same in their bedrooms and spare rooms. Sometimes I am called upon by the big wigs to give some advice.

Reuben Raj and Marty Duda from Radio 13 (previously The 13th Floor) seeked me out and invited me over to theirs the other day to give some gear and recording advice around better recording their guest bands as they come through. These guys are legends in the NZ music scene, and their guests include a who’s who of NZ talent including Jamie McDell, Lawrence Arabia, Hollie Smith and Jed Parsons. Jed Parsons was on a PR tour of the radio stations around Auckland at the time I was visiting, just finished at Radio NZ and was off to Hauraki next. I was able give some advice and to help with the recording setup on the day and provided some excellent value gear recommendations based on their current, and very unique, Kiwiana setup.

I also been invited to Tauranga to do the same for another group of NZ music legends, who also want to help Kiwi musicians get their music recorded while giving some exposure through their popular radio station.

It’s nice to know there are other like minded people around who, after having had their cup filled in the music and audio entertainment world, are now supporting others to do the same.

Helping Kiwi musicians capture their music at a quality they can be proud of, no matter where they are, for cheap - It’s a very fun and fulfilling job!