I’ve been busy during the disruptions!

Posted by Aaron Groombridge on

I've been busy during the disruptions!

I’ve been busy during the disruptions!

Throughout lockdown, and in the weeks since, I have been working with clients remotely to get them up and recording faster in their own space.

For example:

Just before lockdown I (in Auckland) sold a client (in Wellington) some gear, then the world was flipped on its head and we all had to adjust to the new normal.

A few weeks later I ran a remote session to help him get up and running just in time for him to collaborate with his bandmates remotely (mixed by one of his band mates).

This also meant he was able to take on an opportunity to take on a remote “live” music gig for the Christchurch Art Show 2020!

Lockdown may be over for us (fingers crossed), but remote recording, collaboration and learning are fast becoming the new normal worldwide. No matter where you are, I am keen to help you get up are recording better quality tracks faster!