How do I back up all my music?

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How do I back up all my music

How do I backup all my music

Over the years I have suffered loss of work and data due to the death of many computer & hard drive as well as theft. Luckily it was never more than a few days data lost, as I have always been pretty pedantic with the ol’ frequent backups.

I have used many different methods to backup my music including:
  • Burning to CD
  • Burning to DVD
  • Writing to external hard drive using SyncBackFree
But backing up can take time and is something we often forget to do. Since I have been building and maintaining this website on top of the music stuff, I decided it was time to be more vigilant on my backup process…. But I currently have less time than ever to do it… And I’m not flush with cash, so I cannot afford to pay someone else to do it.
So I did some Googling.. And I found a really great option which really works for me.


There are many cloud backup options out there, this one just ticked a number of my boxes. The deal I got was for 3TB of backup and 3TB of Sync (6TB total space) for only $60 odd USD per year.

Do some research for an option and deal that works for you.

iDrive comes with some easy to use backup software, so now I have a bunch of folders on my computers all setup to sync with every change I make, so I can work on any computer anywhere with the same files. And I have entire hard drives being backed up every week (including images of my computers incase of a virus or major issue). Plus I have more than enough space for sharing projects and large files with clients.  ALSO I have the app on my phone, so it backs that up too!

I am still going to be doing the old 2 drive backup - Where I backup to 2 external drives, keeping one at home and leaving another at a family members place, but this is some serious icing on the top piece of mind!

How do you backup your music and data? And how do you ensure you backups are protected from the same fire or disaster which might destroy your originals?

If you need a hand setting up a backup solution for your music, let me know!

Not only do I want to help musicians record and mix their music to a higher quality, I also want them to keep those recordings safe so they can be listened to for many years to come.