Hear elements to hear the mix

Posted by Aaron Groombridge on

It is important hear the mix in the songs you like.

When you are mixing a song, you will be trying to make a number of separate elements sound like they belong together.  These elements will typically be musical instruments and other sounds captured live or created digitally.

One of the tricks to Audio Engineering is being able to hear how the individual elements you are recording will sound when mixed with everything else.  Also, when working on tracks someone else has recorded, knowing how the individual elements need to sound to stand out naturally in a dense mix.

This video provides an opportunity to do this using a song I recorded with a band at York St Studios in Auckland.  You will hear the final mastered mix, and then you will hear the elements in solo.  Hopefully this video might help make more sense of this concept and help you to better understand how to hear the balance of elements in a mix.